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Moissanite is crystalline silicon carbide. There are many emerging scientific applications using moissanite. Lab grade moissanite has chemical purity that exceeds jewelry grade moissanite. Moissanite has greater dispersion than a diamond and a mohs hardness of 9.25. Manufacturing moissanite wears down diamond tools quickly because of its hardness. 

Lab Grade Moissanite

Lab grade moissanite comes in a variety of shades of off-white. Lab grade moissanite is not "d color" white like some jewelry grade moissanite, but has greater levels of chemical purity. Gems cut from this material are dispersive and durable. 

Lab Grade Moissanite
Fancy Moissanite

While growing moissanite, nitrogen gas contamination may enter the chamber. This causes the crystal to change color in non uniform and non replicable ways. Gems faceted from these crystals are unique, dispersive, and durable. 

Fancy Mossanie
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