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Commission A Custom Lab Created Gem

8/16/2023: Wait List approx 2.5 months


Contact us to commission a gem (we prefer text via Instagram or Whatsapp)! Send us a picture of what you want, or tell us what colors you are interested in so we can provide you with options. Prepayment via Paypal is required to get on the list. 



$500 min per stone

Custom pricing for larger pieces 

We specializes in manufacturing lab created gemstones that are cut to the highest possible standards. Each gem is precision cut, one at a time, and polished up to a 0.25 micron standard, far beyond commercial standards.  

Lab Garnets (many different vivid and neon colors)

Lab Sapphire and Lab Ruby (Czochralski and Djeva flame fusion)

Lab Spinel (Djeva 114, the best blue lab created gemstone in our opinion!)

Lab Alexandrite 

Lab Emerald (hydrothermal emerald)

Moissanite (many different colors)

Lab Rutile (most dispersion of any gem material)

To learn more about our materials visit the LAB CREATED GEM GUIDE!

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