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How Can I Purchase a Stone?

I post stones on Instagram and Tiktok. Message me on any of those platforms and I will send you more information about the stone so you can confirm and pay (Venmo, Paypal, Zelle). Stones are sold on a first come first serve basis. I can also be reached by WhatsApp and email. 

How do I start learning how to facet gemstones?

There are many ways to enter the industry. There are faceting schools, but also free to join lapidary clubs that may have teachers and or machines to try out and use. You can also apprentice at a jewelry store with an in house lapidary.  Facebook has 5 groups that may be of help:

Faceting Finds

Lapidary Equipment Marketplace

Faceting Technical

Also, the forum "gemology online" has lots of great information about faceting related trouble shooting.

Return Policy

For new customers, 2 day returns (after date of tracking delivery) are accepted!

Will you cut, repair, or can I commission you to do work for me?

Sure, send me info on what you have in mind! If we can't do it we can help with references.

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